Is TM Compatible with MozyHome backup

I have MozyHome online backup. After installing TM, i ran Mozy. When I rebooted my computer, it said that chkdsk had to run because of inconsistencies on the drive. When this ran, it deleted the raw data log created by mozy. Will this happen everytime I do an online backup or was this just a coincidence? Can any one help. Thanks Thom

CTM is incompatible with ChkDsk. If it ran with CTM working it means multiple possible errors in CTM snapshots and references. So I doubt this is a coincidence.

Do you have link for this? I’ve ran chkdsk quite a few times and have never had a problem

It doesn’t need a link if you know how it works. It won’t do any harm if there are no errors on a disk as it doesn’t modify anything. The same thing if it’s running without /fix parameter. But if you wish to see those dozens references to error messages just press the search button above and input ChkDsk. A reach material.

Well I’ve never had any errors that I can remember. Just to clarify, you are saying that it’s OK to run it without the /f switch but if it finds that it needs the /f switch then one should uninstall CTM before running it with the /f switch?

Also, don’t know what you mean by this “It doesn’t need a link if you know how it works.” If it’s how CTM stores snapshots then yes I do know how it works. Eaz-Fix is similar to CTM and they say run chkdsk often.

Yes and that means you may have big troubles. I suppose you’d make a backup before uninstalling CTM in that condition.

pss: Some say they have disposed of errors by returning ot an earlier snapshot. But that doesn’t mean that everything won’t blow up the next moment.

Sorry, I mean currently CTM has a big bunch of errors and if you know about that you don’t need a confirmation.

I ran MozyHome backup again with TM installed. When I rebooted after running it, windows didn’t say anything about inconsistencies and running chkdsk. The difference was MozyHome backup the first time created a Volume Shadow Snapshot copy, do you think this is the reason that I had a problem after running MozyHome the first time. ( I don’t know why it sometimes creates this snapshop since the only thing I backup to their online service is date. It doesn’t include any of the OS or other programs installed on my computer.) I’m asking about this because I created quite a mess on my computer when I first installed TM and the used UBCD4Win to boot up and run a virus scan, defrag and chkdsk. After doing that windows ran a chkdsk on reboot and during the chkdsk it reindexed a bunch of files and deleted other. The chkdsk took about 45 min. I don’t want to create another mess like that because I ended up having to uninstalled TM and installed a previouse drive image I had created. Thanks for you help.