Is this weird ?


I have noticed today a strange behavior from notepad and I want to ask here before wasting someone’s time chasing a ghost.

Is it normal for notepad.exe to use IGMP protocol to connect to

Yes there are lots of info about multicast and address and old DNS methods … etc

but I am asking because it is notepad.exe, I never thought that Notepad will ever ask for internet connection.

Could this be a program with infected memory or is it 100% normal ?

Should I start a thread for cleaning ?

No answer at all? lovely community, you feel the love in the air!

Anyway, more programs have joined the band wagon…]

I’ll move this to the firewall help section of the forum. I believe you will get better help there.

Try this thread.

I see no answer in it but I clearly see Comodo’s position, I guess I have to look elsewhere but I am sure they will direct me to ask here. Thanks.