Is this Virus gone or not? [Resolved]

I’ve just had an alert telling me that a virus has been Detected

I:0\Program Files\ScanSpyware v3.8.0.4\Scanner.exe  ApplicUnwnt.Win32.FraudTool.Devushka.b[ at ]1678720

After it it says Detected and then Success, the other thing is that when I looked for the file it wasn’t there.
Has this file been removed?

I’m also confused by the location I:0\ looks strange


ScanSpyware is on the SpywareWarrior rogue list see here:

You would be better running something like Superantispyware to see if it detects anything:

Well the thing is I haven’t got it anywhere on my drives, I did have it sometime maybe a year ago.

I don’t even have the folder that Comodo claims the virus is in.

This is a clean install of XP and the only security I have installed is Comodo,superantispyware and AVG.

Could it have been in an old restore point?

Or maybe a removable USB/Disk drive, a drive mapping to an other system ?

Well it looks like I missed a disk from my search, I have two versions of XP installed on different drives.

It looks like it’s what’s left over from a previous install of windows some two years back.

The actual location is “L:\programs” and not “I:0\programs”, I don’t know if this is a bug in COMODO or not.


Can you please post a screenshot of that entry ?

Here you go.

Can you post a screenshot that combines this information with a picture of the Explorer showing the actual location of L:\program files\etc… I guess we’re going for a bug report.

Sorry but I’ve removed the file, It was definitely " L:\Program Files "

I have run another scan and noticed while scanning the locations again don’t match.

I don’t have this problem with other programs such as AVG.

The only thing I can think of is that I have re-mapped the drives in the past.

Also when I run Comodo using scan computer it always starts with "I:" drive first and not "C:" Drive.

"I:" Drive was my external drive “R” but I re-mapped it to “R” and “I” is an IDE drive and “C-H” drives are SATA.

Sorry I know it’s confusing.

Can you please post this in the AV Bug section, fill out the requested information and post this screenshot.
I guess it has something to do with the way the device driver makes the connection to the drive.

Is it a USB drive or a “real” internal SATA ?

The Reverse scan order is by design, i don’t know the reason for it but it’s there since the first beta i’ve tested.

I will, it may take a while as I’m a bit tied up and I need to sort it out in my head first.

Cheers Sel.