Is this some kind of joke?

I’ve had two threads locked in this section before I could answer questions asked in the threads. The questions were asked by:

kail - Global Moderator at:
Duplicate post Deleted- 3xist

MrBrian - Computer Security Testing Group at:
Moved to help for v3- 3xist

Who’s locking these threads and why? Are you having fun?


I moved your original thread about the issue you have with your system to help for v3. You will get help there :slight_smile:

I am sorry for any inconvenience regarding your threads being locked, If its to be locked again like that, I will unlock it.

BTW… Mr Brian isn’t a Mod- He is powerless :slight_smile: Only Global Mods have the authority to lock ones post. Kali also didn’t lock your thread :wink:


admins in here don’t delete or close topics for fun, this forum is very tolerant, topics would be close in case flames go too far or if people post insults, or they change the place of the topic if it’s not the right place.

i never saw an admin in here playing with his power just for fun.

i know forums where your posts are simply deleted, instead of closing the topic or advice the poster.
when u post something and see that it was deleted, it’s a strange method to manage a forum, i see forums like a democracy where people can give their own opinion but without insulting others.

there are some examples where topics were closed cause the poster talked nonsense but those topic are never deleted. and when flaming never stops and is useless, they sometimes decide to close it, what is not a bad idea cause it would never stop.
but no topic is deleted as far as i know, if someone had his post deleted, he can testify, but i doubt it happens here.

You will find our policy alot more friendlier then others & manageable for the benefit off all!