Is this site really dangerous?

When I tried to get to the site I got this warning (see screenshot)

However, web inspector says it’s clean

URLviod said 3\30

and IpVoid says it’s clean

also, there are no “continue anyway” button.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’m not certain at all, but it seems to be that they offer downloads to cheatengine and also have other downloads labeled “cheat”

You have to pay atention to any webpages like.

Also china and many more.

The big news of last months in Russia was according a big media concern with the name Novosti and a paper news

They ben using Kaspersky conection to implements a malware into Kaspersky internet security & others products from Kaspersky lab.

Ingeners have found out that the two bigest news agencys with the permision from Eugen Kaspersky ,implemented a wirus ,witch not attacked a hard drive but the Ram .
Even Kaspersky soft can not discover and neutralise that bist.

That wirus got a task - to redirect many web adresses to the media , controling the webserchmashine .
Collecting data.