Is this service for real?

Amazing would it be!!
When is it planned this service to be launched?
Any info about it?

im hoping its something great to. this was posted like a week ago but its empty? so idk whats going on

yes it is for real.

number of weeks…

so why was this topic opened if it wasnt ready? it was just going to stay empty until then?


Yeah Melih!
Its great. Understood that its goint to take a little while.

Do you know yet if its going to be for free?
I just dont hope that if its a charged service, it doesnt get like all the other providers that charge per email basis which makes harder to pay every new mailbox is created and as a hosting provider we get less revenue.

are you a hosting provider?

how would you like to see the service?

Yes, I am a hosting provider.

I would like to see the service as unlimited for number of mailboxes and domain and that processes up to an average of 100,000 emails per day or so. That way i believe its fair for the Antispam Gateway Provider (Comodo) and for us. We pay a monthly fee and we pass over the emails per day, we pay more (depending on the resources we use from Comodo).
Or if a payment should be done by customer account, then I guess a low fee for 5 domains for each account would be also ok.

But if you ask me, I prefer the first option since for hosting providers now is a responsability to provide a good antispam solution free for charge to our customers.

pls PM me how much etc would be ideal. I can’t promise our prices/model will be that, but i am trying to take into account everyone’s input.
thank you for your help.


Thank you Melih,

I sent you the PM you requested. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen.
Thats real customer service. Specially comming from the CEO!

I also sent you another PM about something else.
Hope you have the time to read it and answer.

Have a great week!