Is this project dead?

No new rules since Christmas. Should we still rely on this project or not?

I’ve sent an email to their support department and nobody answered. My guess is that something happened. It’s strange … as they also offer cwatch, which is also relying on waf rules. If the same team was also working on cwatch, whoever paid for that service might be a sucker.

Hello CatalinS
We forced rules development for the NUCDN and CWW.
We plan to continue free rules releases this month.

We forced rules development for the NUCDN and CWW.

Sorry but I do not understand. Could you please explain in a simple way. Or even answer with a simple yes or no. Is the project active?

In any case, you could have simply provided some information to all those people utilizing this service in the project’s homepage. This does not look good for you. If you just wanted to convert it to a paid service you could also mention it. But leaving the project stalled for 3 months without a single explanation of what might happened does not show respect for your user base.

project is not dead

Once again we cant login to Cannot even reset password. Rules have not been updated for 3 months now.

Other than that the project is not dead…Whos fooling who?

Agree, it seems the project is dead. Can’t login anymore and download rules… what’s the plan? any update would be great.


We had some internal authentication issues on

As for now, the issue is solved. Please check from your side.

If this project isn’t dead, why can’t I login

Hi Comodo,

Please make it clear for us.

The project is essential for many system administrators, can you please indicate what you intend to do in the coming months?

Thanks for your hard work, but no news since the last release rules:
Rules for modsecurity v2.x: Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx, IIS
Rules for modsecurity v3.x: Nginx
Version 1.233

Please keep us informed about this.


Hi Cwaf_Team,

Can you please give us an update on the continuity of this project?


Hi Cwaf_Team,

Any news about the Comodo WAF rules project?

Please, we need valuable information to make decisions.


think its dead. I cant login either it seems and click reset and resetting the password does nothing never works.

Hi azizarnold,

Thank you for reporting, we will check with the related team and update you.



We are waiting for updates!!!

Any updates on this? Not Creating Trust. :-\

Looks like yes, dead, because script also don’t work as expected.
Can’t authenticate to run update.

If I run ./ I get error:

ERROR: can't connect to CWAF rules server. See logs for details.

update process finished!

In log, I can see this, like can’t authenticate:

29/11/22 13:28:45 updater[395843]  HTTP response code: 403
29/11/22 13:28:45 updater[395843]  Error reason: Auth failed
29/11/22 13:28:45 updater[395843]  ERROR: can't connect to CWAF rules server

but, if I run curl POST request

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"login":"MY_USERNAME","password":"MY_PASSWORD"}'

I get:

{"status":0,"emsg":"no action"}

and immediately run I get:

current version is up to date
update process finished!

Looks like something bad is there :slight_smile:

I tried to uninstall and install again cwaf client (, I tried to reset password without special characters, but same problem.
I don’t have options to update rule set in standalone installation, because I want to automate that. I don’t want to run curl request every time before running


Are there any update here ?

No update regarding the rulesets since few months ago.

Thank you!

Looks like new problem here.

Since few days ago API server return 502 bad gateway error.
That happen periodically, one time work, then 10 times not working.

Can someone sort this that we can use updater script?

so I sent a direct message to the CWAF staff asking them to look at this post, lets see if it gets any reply.
I am not optimistic as last active for them is. COMODO RT is still answering questions and active on the forms, I may ping them later if nothing comes back from the CWAF team

CWAF_Team - last active
February 08, 2021, 07:29:05 AM