Is this project active?

Is this an active product or is it in the process of being discontinued / abandon?
I’ve wasted a lot of time already…need to know the truth. Seems riddled with bugs. Mostly HTTPS:// sites.
DNS#2 is not resolving in Win2008R2 DNS. Its down.
Does the version 1.0 “Production” site still work, someone in the forum suggested using those DNS numbers.

Seems to be SSL problem with SSL sites. Cannot login, override does not work - blocked (really? Yes, see screenshot) - major computer wholesaler - https:// login blocked

At least get the spelling right… Its PER.MA.NENT not Perminant…

Phaser block settings on HIGH in Comodo portal. Yet… - Movies won’t play, but OMG the ads from adjunky show enough to make you sick. No block shown, just movies won’t play. / search for ■■■■■ videos. Movies won’t play but OMG do you want your elementary students looking at that? / search for ■■■■■ subjects under images.or just type in ■■■■■■■… Blapo in your face dawg…don’t do it while you are having lunch…ewwwwuuuu…

Social sites blocked, set to override permanently in Comodo DNS - automagically redirects to, but Comodo does not show a block page. Just sits there until it times out.

The competitors all suck, please make Comodo the one that works.

  • opendns - sucks, no free for business, no real free control. They find you are business, will kick you out.
  • norton safeconnect - abandon? Personal use only - very sloooooow…have seen it relay from Neustar DNS Services - blocks good SSL sites. sooo sloooow
  • Dyndns - free, but only if you sign up for $25 a year product, and only for one home network.
  • 6 recommended on lifehacker, don’t waste your time.


Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the brutal post, it had been quite a frustrating experience. I understand, but why would I get a warning that is “Malicious - Contains links to viruses …” It appears something is way wrong with default behaviour for unknown sites and site override not working with SSL.

Can you take some time to answer the other questions?
1.) Is Comodo going to get serious about moving this site forward, or content to be another “me too” DNS protector. I see the site has received a lot of free press… Is that its purpose?

2.) Is there a known issue with SSL sites that redirect to elsewhere for login? For example, redirects to redirects to (or something similar) for secure login. Why mark at Malicious - Contains links to viruses…, when in fact it is “UNKNOWN”

3.) Will any provider be able to do anything about searching for images on Google and Bing that contain adult or other unwanted content?

4.) DNS#2 is not resolving in Win2008R2 DNS. Its it permanently down?

5.) Is the old site DNS 156.154.70 / any better than the BETA site for production use, or is this reserved (obscured) for paying firewall customers to use?

I am pro-Comodo, but I manage IT services for multiple 5 - 10 million a year companies, and over 300 mom and pop shops with 5-50 employees and need a solid SecureDNS service, hopefully it can be Comodo and hopefully you can block CryptoLocker and other nefarious organized criminals out to encrypt our data for ransom.

I enabled Comodo Secure DNS in Dragon, and encountered no problems with * over TLS.

Login for Facebook is Log into Facebook If you by redirect mean from http to https, that’s intended behaviour. You should not be able to insecurely with a browser that supports HSTS. is the URL for logging in at That’s how the site is designed.

I leave the rest for someone with more knowledge to answer.

Thank you Jowa. Using Firefox, 44.02, accidentally type in into the ADDRESS bar (like most any end-user would do).
That is what gave the warning is malicious. Same with Facebook, just typed in facebook into the address bar. The problem occur attempting to hit the landing page prior to login. (Remember, settings for the filter were on HIGH blocking social sites), Logged in to create Permniant (sic) exception and was never able to get to even after restarting the browser.
( I did not type in Log into Facebook ) It is doubtful your average end user would think of accessing this way when a veteran 25+ year IT Guru could not figure it out without contacting tech support. The software needs to be designed to conform with ID-10-T standard end user practices. (ID-10-T = codename for idiot). should redirect to It does in Dragon with Comodo Secure DNS enabled, on the virtual W10 where I tested it. I don’t know if Comodo Secure DNS in Dragon works as it does when enabled in Windows or the router (it has no settings in Dragon). Anyhow, if Comodo Secure DNS generally caused issues with *, I would expect lots of reports on the forum, but I have not seen that. Do you still have problems with * if you use default settings?

You should not have to go to Log into Facebook to login. That’s were you will get if you leave user name and password empty and click on Log In at

The product appears to be working as expected now. :-TU The sites above are no longer generating errors. Thanks for clearing the block for (wordpress blogger domain).