Is this program maintained and does it actually work?

And other questions after reading some of the threads here.

Does the program alter or change anything without the users acceptance or knowledge?

Does the program work without an internet connection? Is there certain functions or logs that cannot be seen without an internet connection?

Title: I was wondering the same… it doesn’t seem to have received any kernel updates since 2013. Having used it last year though, there were definately software updates once inside the Rescue interface.

1st questions: no, it wont. At the end, it will ask you to confirm the changes.

2: No, not really. It might be possible to manually download the database (check one of the sticky threads for a download link somewhere in it) and have Comodo update from it, but I haven’t tried it yet. It sure won’t work by default if it doesn’t find an internet connection to update itself, and since it’s an old kernel, new LAN adapters are unsupported. And wireless has to be forgotten with anything Linux, it seems the entire OS kernel team doesn’t acknowledge that it’s possible to use something else than a cable for internet connection :wink:
Bottom line is: if you have recent hardware as I do, you may be unable to make CRD work, like most av rescue disks based on Linux, it won’t even let you scan without an update. But the manual database download and installation is worth a try.

And it seems like most softwares here are either abandonned or on an extremely slow development path (Dragon, Chromium Secure, Linux Antivirus, and possibly others too). It’s a shame, this rescue disk got me out of trouble last year.

The browsers are not abandoned. New people have been hired and we’re eagerly awaiting an update for the Chromium based browsers.

CRD is not getting much if any love from Comodo it seems.