Is this possible to install comodo on linux mint 17.1 rebecca xfce ?

Hey to all,

I was reading comfrancis’s question there* and I discover there is no answer about this problem.

Did anybody succeed in the installation of comodo on linux mint 17.1 rebecca xfce ? Is ist possible to do it ?



I got this after double click on cav-linux_1.1.268025-1_i386.deb


[i]COMODO Antivirus and Mail Gateway for Linux.
COMODO Antivirus provides real-time protection for file system.
COMODO Mail Gateway brings inbound and outbound email security with real-time antivirus function.

After installation: Please run /opt/COMODO/ script manually to configure it.

Please start COMODO from Menu or Desktop.
(Converted from a rpm package by alien version 8.88.)[/i]


I did not find /opt/COMODO/ - I got a list of the package and I did not find anything about CAV or COMODO.