Is this older version of Comodo Firewall still solid and compatible?

I’m supporting a system running Win 10 1709 and Comodo Firewall

How critical is it that I update Comodo Firewall to the latest (or later) version either before or after updating Windows?

I ask because if the updates since Comodo Firewall are just to add bloat features and don’t add anything significant for security and/or compatibility with later Windows 10 versions, then I might leave it be - especially given all of the problem reports with v12.1.0.6914. fixes security vulnerabilities in the sandbox and v12 series are compliant with the new requirements to register with Windows Defender Security Center. Best way to upgrade Windows is to completely remove CIS before upgrading then install desired CIS version after the upgrade.

That sounds like excellent advice. This system had an attempted update with Comodo v10 which resulted in BSOD. They’ve been nervous to try it again - but this should make it a much smoother process.

Thank you.