Is this ok to do this..banner on ebay

As a relatively new member to this forum and Comodo generally, I thought that I had better check to see that this banner that I am now putting in my Ebay listings is ok.

I have linked the banner to Comodos main web page and wanted to make sure I was not stepping on anyone’s toes…so to speak.

Very happy with Firewall and System Cleaner……this forum is great…… but huge…… and one needs to find their way around!..

Keep up the good work folks

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Thats great meself!

Really appreciate the support…


It’s us that thank you Melih

There are lots of FREE security programmes on the market and as I’m no computer expert I tend to rely on recommendations and spend some time searching the web (how I found Comodo) before choosing a products.

The range of products that you have on offer is amazing……Firewall has replaced Sygate, System Cleaner has replaced Reegseeker and shortly Aintivrus will replace AVG which has been a favourite of mine forever………what next

Keep up the great work and support and we will no doubt support you. :-TU

Thank you!