Is this normal?

Since I installed CPF2.4.8.122, always pop-up a windows like following, CPF2.4.9.126 also.
I don’t know it is normal or not, but there is no “remmeber my answer” check box on it .
I had checked “Skip lookback (127.x.x.x) TCP connections”

[attachment deleted by admin]

I think it is, normal! some applications refuse to communicate with comodo firewall. Until now I’ve only had one case like that, and that was the update function of “System Safety Monitor”. I did not have a remember box in that case either, but at the same time the alert from comodo firewall explained that SSM refused to communicate with the firewall.

What is your CFP Alert level set at Zeus?

ive had that happen too.

i have comodo’s alert level set to very low.

My level is LOW.

I think it is not normal.

I cann’t check it and remmeber,and the popup window appear again when I start system next time.

Hi Zeus

I also saw these odd pop-ups from CFP. However, since then a new beta has been release & it was mentioned that a certain message was removed until later. So, I recommend you install the latest beta & see if stops these pop-ups.

Thank you very much.

I cann’t use normally, It cause my system reboot once and again.