Is this going to change? Vulnerable by default

The “issue” with the open firewall by default is going to be removed from the default configuration?

Another question not related: Does CAV scan the trusted files?

Let’s explain it better.

With the default configuration any malaware, keylogger, screen capture, can receive/send information to internet even if its sandboxed or not. So you are only protected by the AV, where is the famous layer protection here? am I wrong?

The default configuration should be the “proactive mode” and “create rules for safe applications (Firewall)”
I even miss an option to be asked for any application by the firewall with the sandbox enable.

I disagree with defaulting to creating rules for safe applications. That is one of the things I like the most about v4, the fact that it doesn’t clutter things up with needless rules. The global firewall rules however are another story, they’re terrible.

When I said “create rules for safe applications” I meant only for the firewall (I have just edit it)
If is clutter is because how comodo show the rules, and this can also change, now is quite primitive.

If you want to block a Trusted app for any reason or edit a rule is easiest, and also is better if you can see all the apps that have access to internet in order to know which programs access to internet and have rules created, I think there is no reason to left this option unchecked. Also for any noob will feel more secure if he can see the apps controled by the firewall.


I made this poll

Maybe they decide to say something about this if a lot of people vote.

Disagree. There is no reason for looking at rules for safe apps. Who cares? If it’s safe, it’s safe, period. I see no reason not to leave that box unchecked.

If you dont see the reason maybe you will see someday, anyway we are not discussing this.