is this forum outdated? Opinions please....

I haven’t been here for years, but everything still looks the same, and under the IMPORTANT NEWS category there are no updates since last year.
Has COMODO deserted their original ideology? To provide a securer internet for EVERYONE… yes, recession set in since then, and everyone is desperate to earn a buck, but should we throw out the baby with the bathwater? obviously not. The ideals the drove you to succeed before, are universal and still count. Please don’t desert them in the drive to earn more.
This forum looks like its becoming obsolete since geekbuddy is available… but is there still that sense of community around Comodo as before?
Please comment, I would be interested to know your views, even if it contradicts anything I’ve said.

Based on 3 posts that you have… I would say you want things to move fasts! :smiley: J/K

Hi JohnOShock,
Sorry I am not sure what ‘IMPORTANT NEWS category’ you are referring to, please post a link.

The Forum is a long way from obsolete, it is very active and we have a good community base.
GeekBuddy serves its own purpose, but it does not/will not/can not replace the great interaction between us users. :wink: