Is this an infection? I have no clue [Resolved]

Hey everyone, I wake up this morning and check my email to find two emails from “wil_fred1995 [ at ]”, claiming to be Wilfred Coulibaly from West Africa. In short, he is asking me for money I believe, although nothing has occurred yet. I’m almost positive it’s a scam. Anyway, the curious part of the email was this sentence:

I am a members of that is where i got your contact email address,I would like you to Please permit me to apply through this medium for your co-operation and to secure an opportunity to invest and do joint relationship establishment with you in your country.

It was the same exact letter for both emails from the same person.

I just wonder how this email got"" in there. I’m sure you guys didn’t give away my info. Could the system have been hacked?? haha I doubt it, you guys are a security firm after all. So my only other option is to believe a key logger?? or my browser was hacked?? I’m sure no one in my house could do this at all and no one else has access so how did it wind up with this url? I haven’t been to any unusual sites lately, nor entered my email address anywhere weird.

I use Nod32 antivirus for now with comodo firewall and BOclean and run weekly checks with spybot and adaware se pro as well as the antivirus. All scans have come up negative!

Please help, I’m very worried and I’d hate to reformat. I’ll spare everyone the entire email.

I don’t think it’s an infection, but scam spam. Please see this:

Ahhhh thanks so much Soya that explains it all. I’ll hop right on over and make my email address private. So sorry to even waste your time.

If you don’t know there’s bound to be others in the same situation. This thread may at least let them know. Case Closed :).