Is this alright with comodo......

Hi comodo, I am a heavy comodo user, using CIS and C backup and CSC. I think comodo is the best and that is why i am trying to help spread the word of comodo. I have a website featuring the top freeware for windows, featuring comodo and I was wondering if it is ok if I copied and pasted (with quotes and a piece letting everyone know it was copied from the comodo website) information and features about comodo products to my site.
my site is

thank you in advance, also I would like to put comodo banners on my site.

atnskyline- :comodorocks: (CNY)

Thanks for checking with us atnskyline.

Sure looks good.

OK thank you, i just didn’t want to get into any issues with the copyright. I’m going to put some banners up on it for comodo.

Good evening, my name and bruno stein, I’m Brazilian, and Brazil in the antivirus comodo this is very accepted, and with great praise, first I would like to congratulates them for the product, the support and quality. However I would like to have the Portuguese language in the antivirus and the firewall because of the difficulty many people. I can talk a little in English, but also have personal difficulties and apologize for errors entered in this message here … I hope they can understand and also available in Portuguese language that reaches the world and another 5 countries.

thanks for help.
I look forward to my return email