Is This a Problem?

Have had your products for a little while,(approx three months) after a recommendation from my son,and have been well satisfied,thanks. :slight_smile:
But a couple of weeks ago I started to get alerts.One of which was,

C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe has tried to use iexplore.exe through OLE Automation,which can be used to hijack other applications.explorer.exe might be using iexplore.exe to connect to the internet.

If I refuse permission,I get the “page cannot be displayed” error.
I had read that iexplore was a virus?..I have used a number of online scanners and nothing has been found,so was not sure what I should do…
Would be grateful for your help.Thanks.

iexplore.exe is internet explorer. This is a normal action and you are safe to allow it (tick remember).

An OLE Automation based hijack is only a threat if you don’t know the application in question. For example in your case, explorer.exe is a trusted program. I assume you clicked to open internet explorer just before this warning appeared?

You are most likely getting alerts now after some recent windows updates which changed many files so that the database in the firewall does not recognize them any more. The database has not been updated yet but the next version will have more regular updates.


Thanks,much appreciated. ;D
Tho’ as I’m here,I’ll ask another question which has been niggling at me…I used to use Zonealarm Firewall and had many alerts daily,supposedly serious threats,whilst I notice that I seem to have had only two from Comodo?Just wondering why the difference.
But as I stated before,well pleased with your product.Thanks again. (:CLP)

Comodo Firewall comes with a large database of known safe applications. Unless you set the firewall to give you alerts about these applications it will not bother you about them (unless some software update changes the signature of one of the files).

The next version of the firewall, currently in beta testing, has an even larger database and it is hoped that number of alerts will be even lower once this is finalized.

Incidentally, if you want to learn more about the firewall, need settings to use some other software or if you get any other problems, there is a great deal of useful information here: