is this a job by ISE?

I’m a little lost here, and maybe this is no the correct product/place, but I have been tried to be phished as you can see on my attached picture…

My configuration, CIS 10, ISE, Comodo Dragon and Secure shopping everything up to date as you can see on the picture and with Website Filtering enabled…

How is possible that CIS or ISE don’t warning me about the fraudulent site?

What module/product fail, is ISE? (or maybe Website Filtering?), or I have missing something here that I don’t understand?

The only warning is within the comodo dragon browser warning with “Not secure” message, but others browsers said the same message too!

If it is my fault because I have missing something, sorry… but if is not,

Cannot the comodo team to improve better his great security programs?


ISE job is to provide protection against Man in the Middle attacks by verifying the certificate of the website.
Secure shopping is for protection against data-stealers which try to steal credentials, take screenshots, etc.

The web filtering module is supposed to protect, but I think the web signatures hasn’t been updated in over a year, it won’t block anything now. For web protection you should use an extension like Avira Browser Safety (renamed to Avira Safe Shopping) or Bitdefender Trafficlight.

I heard somewhere that Comodo is working on a new website filtering though, but I haven’t heard any updates from it in a while.

Thank you for the suggestion Yousername, but Avira Safe Shopping or Bitdefender Trafficlight both fails again this incredible phishing website as you can see on my attached pictures… :frowning:

Well, that sucks lol. I guess you can try out Netcraft: Netcraft Extension - Chrome Web Store

It has the reputation of various websites, which can catch unknown phishing better, although I don’t think it blocks high risk websites automatically. You will have to check the website report manually.
Anyways this is going off topic so I will leave it here.

Yes, you are right, that is off-topic…

Anyway, thank you for Netccraft, at last one extension that works. :slight_smile: