Is there secure printing in I-Vault?

Just wondered whether the Ivault print function left any traces on your computer that could be read? If it deletes traces eg spool files does it securely delete them?

I think it prints in graphics mode - but the graphics print file could be printed on any printer with the same page description language?

Many thanks



The security in i-vault is focussed on logins and authentication, not printing. Any printing is handled by the standard Windows print sub-system and the usual precautions should be taken.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, done a bit of research.

Some printer manufacturers eg HP offer secure printing functionality. Maybe I-vault could work with this - might only need I-vault to set ‘secure’ as the default option when using these printer drivers.

You can improve (careful choice of words) printing security by:

  1. making driver print direct to printer, not via spool file (may have performance disadvantages)
  2. enabling the Windows’s ability to over-write its swap file on reboot.

If you don’t do this and print your passwords they’ll certainly be in plain text somewhere on your disk! Using these precautions reduces the likelyhood and/or number of places they will be!