Is There Built In Ad Blocking?

Is there built in ad blocking in this beta? I would of thought if there was ad-blocking capabilities in Dragon it would be an option you can adjust, or turn on or off…

Anyhow, maybe this is also just a bug.

On VirtualDub’s website they have an ad that is suppose to appear in the upper right of the site, you’ll see it not displaying and I wanted to find out about this?


Not of what I know of but I do know that CD has SSL enchantment. I think you should download google chrome and compare.


What’s the SSL enhancement for?

Ok I guess it’s just a bug in the beta that will get worked out later…

SSL enchancemment isn’t a bug and works; if you try to log in at facebook it will show you a warning.


SSL a bug, what you take me for a newbie, that I don’t know what Secure Socket Layer is? LMAO… :wink:

Don’t let the post count fool you, I may only have a few posts but I’m not a newbie, hehe…

I was talking about the image not being rendered as a bug. :wink:

Anyhow I was just ruffling your feathers, all in fun, hehe…


I don’t assume anything:)

By the way the beta version (6.0) has a adblock function.


It does? Where is it? I just installed it yesterday, so it’s likely I’m missing something… I see there is a pop-up blocker, but I don’t see anything that blocks ads. ???

However, the AdThwart extension will run on the beta version, and it uses the AdBlock Plus (From Firefox) engine. (Which was why I installed it) It seems to work well, although I’m missing the functionality of the Firefox extension of viewing the blocked items on a page. It really helps if you need to make an exception to see what filter is actually doing the blocking.

Hi I’m not speaking from experience here, but I’m sure that I have read somewhere that Adblock for chromium based browsers had more functionality than Adthwart maybe like your talking here. Sorry if I’m wrong as I haven’t tried it myself. Kind regards.