Is there anybody out there?

Ok people I’ll ask you since I don’t seem to get a “good” reply from Comodo. I believe that they might have a good product if they would only listen.
Problem #1. On my computer and my wifes computer both have let some spam go right on through, no where in the data base were any of them marked as ok to accept. I contacted support and was told to check my settings as that was the problem. No it wasn’t and I wouldn’t write about a problem if I hadn’t done my homework first.
Problem # 2. While looking at my spam one of them tried to launch Windows Internet Explorer, about 20 or 30 times, I couldn’t shut them off and had to do a reboot to stable my machine. The Firewall was set to not let IE get out with out my permission. The firewall people are very good at listening, which is probably why it works so good. The main reason I am trying all this stuff out is the fact that Kevin came along with BoClean. I know him to be very diligent when it came to figuring out a problem.
So since I can’t get these guys to give me any info I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.

Hi there.

Spam, spyware and rootkits can turn a nice sunday into a living nightmare once they get into your computer. But they are not all impossible to prevent and clean out. There are a number of ways to do this. Though I’m not that familiar with BOClean, I’ve used spybot with great success in the past.

If BOClean doesn’t do what you want, try one of the many alternatives out there and see what suits your need :slight_smile:

Report back if you’re still having problems.

Good luck!