Is there any way to see all incoming and outgoing connections

HOw can I see all the incoming and outgoing connections through CIS (Firewall)?
I only can see svchost, avp and two firefox (port 2712 and 2714) but no IE7, no Opera, no OE for example.
Of course I can see by TCP view but I want to see with Comodo, is it possible?

Hello Taber,

On the firewall “view active connections” should do the trick, if not are you running the latest version 3.8.x.477 ?

Thank you Ronny but I found the problem, is KAV, if I pause protection, Comodo can see all the connections.
Of course I dont want to pause protection so I think I may have to live with this problem or change firewall.

Does KAV do something with connections ? Is there a “firewall” or something similar in there ?