Is there any way to download virus definition updates due to my low bandwidth?


I have a very bad Internet bandwidth at home and even though I downloaded latest version of CIS from the site, it’s still downloading 20+ mg and I can’t let it download more because of my Internet connection. And it get worse whenever I change Windows.

So I was wondering if you release virus definition updates on the site (or somewhere else) so I can get them from Work and then install them from home.

Thanks in advance.

There is no official av update files. You can however try the following (this will allow you to use a download manager as the connection supports resuming).

Thanks, what about future AV Virus Signagures? O0

Not in the near future I think. Think months and not weeks. Comodo does recognise the problem and requests though.

For now the incremental updates will do the job for you.

Oh, thanks.

So I can expect to have a big file every now and then.

Another question, today after the update, the computer was doing so hard to apply the update, it takes like 10minutes to install the update, after its download. Is it normal? because I have had no such thing with another anti viruses that I used before.

Ten minutes for that big update of 104 MB is normal. The subsequent incremental ones will be handled much quikcer.

Not the 105MG one, it took me 15minutes to install I think the incremental update before the last one. Is it normal? the Hard Disk was so hard at work.

I totally agreed with test84, Comodo should provide how to update virus definition offline with virus definition files. You know I had so much trouble when it come under installing comodo to my 50 workstations, it took me few week to make sure all computer are all update in first install. Most of it does not update because it was offline pc, but leaving pc with comodo and not with updated definition create problem when it does detect newly virus as i encountered recently.

I hope you can provide the features just like AVG done. Please keep in mind that not all computers and online 24hours. There still user using dial-up modem and getting virus definition for first install would be impossible. Why? just think dial-up connection normal take 1MB for more then 5minutes and the bill charges perminutes. Then just think how much time taken to download 100MB file and bills? :-TD :-TD

I think having offline virus definition update it not loosing anything even you could save bandwidth… :-La

I hope… :‘( :’(

No reply? or you not planned to put offline update virus definition?

rizalstudio: If you have that many workstations to update, maybe you should consider the Comodo offline updater.

Hope this helps


As a matter of service Ronny started url=]Where can i download the latest full AV database?[/url] with a url to the latest bases.cav.