Is there any benefit in using Shadow defender/Returnil when Ctm is installed?.

Hi Guys. I am a wee bit confused as to the relative merit/benefits if any, of using say Ctm with apps such as Shadow Defender or Returnil, or Sandboxie.

I presently have Ctm installed and wonder what the pros and cons are of using either of the other three apps to beef up security?. I am aware that with either of them you can effectively restore the system back to its original state by rebooting or configuring to empty the contents of the sandbox so to speak.

I am interested in the views of anyone who uses any of these apps together with any of the remaining or similar, and if there are any extra security benefits or even conflicts.


My understanding:
CTM allows you to take multiple snapshots of your system, any of which you can restore at any time.
CTM alone is not effective against malware (that’s why it will be teamed with CIS). It is only effective for malware if you know you’re infected, then you can restore to pre-infection state, otherwise you remain ignorant and infected.
Because CTM only provides retrospective protection, it will not prevent temporary infection and will not prevent malware from stealing your data before you realize it.

Returnil allows you to work in a “virtual system”, which you eventually discard and return to the original system (keeping whatever files you want). But there is only one system to revert back to, not multiple ones, and you must revert back when the computer restarts (can’t restart in the virtual system).
Returnil now also includes some real-time malware protection, so it might prevent temporary infection and might prevent your data from being stolen while in the virtual system.

Sandboxie allows you to work with select programs inside of a protective bubble, where nothing you do is allowed to affect the rest of your system (ideally). You can discard all the junk that piles up in the bubble (keeping whatever you want) and immediately return to programs that aren’t in the bubble.
It is used primarily with internet-connected programs and is highly customizable.
Because it protects your system in real-time, it will prevent you from being infected by programs in the bubble and will prevent your data from being stolen (because your data is outside of the bubble).

Shadow Defender is not free (reason enough to use something else!).

Each program has a somewhat different function, uses completely different methods, and has its own strengths & weaknesses.
I have used each one at different times, but never together. But I doubt if Returnil and CTM could work together, so CTM+Sandboxie or Returnil+Sandboxie might work well alongside a real-time malware protector/detector (like CIS, Avira, AVG, or Avast, etc.)

You can’t install CTM if Returnil in on your system, it means there are some incompatibility