Is there Antiroot kit in CIS?

I am using CIS free version and I was wondering if an anti-rootkit is within this product.

I think Clean Endpoint (tasks - advanced tasks) can search for rootkits, not sure how well though.

Yes, CIS protects from all types of malware.

You can also perform ondemand scan.

And you can also perform advanced ondemand scan i.e CCE i.e Comodo Cleaning Essentials in CIS.

BOClean ;D Comodo Cleaning Essentials :-TU

You are protected, do not worry about it (CLY)

Where can I find the ondemand scan? I only see Custom, Quic, Full, and Rating scan.

Also, I see on the main homepage of Comod that BOClean (antimalware) is now part of CIS, but where to find it in the program?

You can use it that is perfectly answer your needs (screenshot attached)
and if you want to scan something on-demand
right click on the file that whatever you want to scan and click scan with Comodo ?

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Custom, quick, full & rating are ondemand scan. Full scan is complete system scan, quick scan is important areas scan, rating scan scans the system quickly & indentifies things as trusted, unknown, etc…

Boclean is not a seperate scanner in CIS. It is implemented in CIS realtime & ondemand scanner.

Host Intrusion Prevention System

Virtually Bulletproof protection against root-kits....

Comprehensive Antivirus Protection

Rootkit scanner detects and identifies hidden malicious files and registry keys stored by rootkits;

Quotes taken from the below page.
Introduction To Comodo Internet Security-Special Features

thanks a lot for all the replies

BTW, when performing manual updates, I see there are two types of updates program looks for, signature and program updates, what about the virus definition? what is the signature update?

The signature update is another name for updating the virus definitions.

The prevention CIS brings is also an anti rootkit protection. Unknown programs are not allowed to install a driver. Since rootkit run as a driver CIS will prevent the installation of a rootkit in the first place.