Is there a way to REALLY allow EVERYTHING for a certain application (game) ?

I really like this firewall as it seems a lot safer then the firewall i was using before.
And a big thx for making it available for free!
I do think it might need some improvements for online gaming though.If possible…
I have no problems configuring it to join a online game, but to configure it so i can host a game is an outright nightmare!! Perhaps if you play 1 game only and have a few hours to spare…( and friends enough who want to help you trying to join your game,for x times!)…but i did not manage it for a single game. And i play 12 games online…

Why not a kind of multi player profile as a setting for a specific exe file? :THNK

Or a setting that REALLY allows all activities for a certain application…
Cause right now if i choose “allow all activities”…,"allow invisible connection attempts"and “skip advanced security checking” it STILL wont allow anyone to join!! LOL

As much as i hate it ‘cause i just lost my windows 2 months ago due to malware.its back to the windows firewall as soon as i start a game (which is the majority of all computer time)
then hopefully i will remember to put it back on again when i go surfing online.
Damn shame…’’ Dont really know what to do now…‘But going to the process’ as described as above for each game is not a realistic option. Thats a certain.

If anyone has an idea for a setting that i can use for each game i would be very happy to hear it and thx in advance!

I know that some games (especially if you’re hosting) require inbound connections (similar to a p2p app), which means the possibility of port forwarding (which you may have already done), and Network Monitor rules (that work somewhat the same way).

This thread,5099.0.html has a lot of existing rules for different games, as CFP needs. You may check there. Might also check with the game dev’s website to see about FW rules for hosting the games, and/or

If “Skip Advanced checks” doesn’t work, it’s likely a rules issue, which would even more likely be Network Monitor.


Ok i’ll have a look Thx

No problem; let us know what you find, and what you still need to figure out. We’re here to help.