Is there a way to fix autoupdate of cpf (2.4)?

Hi there!

First I’d like to thank the comodo programmers for creating such a almost bugfree piece of software which does the things we expect from it (no bloat like phishing-filter, antivirus etc). The best is that the best personal firewall available on the market is FREE :D. How did you manage this - programming such software is hard work :slight_smile:

OK - now to my question:

Is there a way of disabling the autoupdate-function? The automatic scanning for file-updates (Logo in Task-Bar changes) is very discrete and it’s normally not recognized. BUT when I play a game like World of Warcraft (Full-Screen App), the game minimizes when the autoupdater begins to scan for files. This is very annoying (although this doesn’t happen very often) and can lead to a wipe in 40 man instances :D.

Can you build in a full-screen-app detection in the next release? And how can I disable autoupdate until comodo releases a fixed autoupdater.



Hi Timo, welcome to the forums.

Yes, CFP has 2 different update settings that can be disabled. Open CFP → Security tab → Advanced tab → Miscellaneous - Configure. On this options screen you can un-check both Automatically check for program file updates & Automatically check Comodo certified application updates.

You may add you full-screen-app detection to CFPs Wish List here, its rather big I’m afraid… lots of wishes.

I hope that helps.