Is there a way to do this?

Reset built-in Commodo v.3 network rules to default?

I was tinkering like we all do thinking I could delete application rules and I am worried that I deleted rules built in with Commodo however

If you delete all applications listed under firewall and defense+ I mean all them, what would you end up having???How can you bring back the ones Commodo Installs with?

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Sorry Kyle that’s not the answer. If you want o put Comodo back to the factory settings go to Miscellaneous/ Manage My Configuration. From there Chose the select option. You will have 2 entries to select from Optimum and Network. If you installed Comodo with D+ then Optimum will be selected. Try selecting Network and applying it then go back and select Optimum again and apply it. Then reboot.

Comodo should really add a backup of COMODO - Optimum Security in %Program Files%\COMODO\Firewall just like COMODO - Network Security.cfg

Anyway it is possible to backup Optimum setting exporting it just before the first reboot.

I attached the Default Optimum Security config of CFP 3.0.25

I’ve wondered about this: when exporting the config, there really doesn’t need to be an extension like .cfg or anything, right?

No need but it’s on the house :slight_smile: