Is there a sticky for files to 'safelist'

Hi All,

Just wondering if there’s a list anywhere that shows what stuff we can exclude from CAV on-access scanning that will help lower speed PC’s …

For example (and this may or may not be the case) … exclude the Comodo directory, svchost etc.

I have noticed very little performance change on my 3.4Ghz Laptop when running CAV however my older AMD desktop system really begins to struggle - so I assume that by whitelisiting or excluding certain dir’s or files may help to alleviate the problem - not EVERYTHING needs to be scanned on each access.

So in a nutshell …is there a list of the basic files/dir’s to exclude …?? :THNK



AFAIK, there is not such a list of “safe” files/applications that can be excluded.

My suggestion would be that if you can identify certain applications that the On-Access scanner really bogs down with, exclude those. I have at times done this with browser, email client, etc, due to limitations in resources and whatnot. With the HIPS running you should be notified of any processes starting before the On-Access would trigger anyway, so you should still have protection.

Hope that helps a bit,