is there a need for comodo memory frewall if use cfp already?

hi comodo support forum and communty,

should i use comodo memory firewal as an extra buffer protection or already included wth cfp ?just redunct ? i’ve heard at another security forum in fact comodo memory firewall is not a firewall but a buffer protecton really.but i’m not a security expertise and i’d love to get that support information wth the comodo techs because i’ve noticed my windows xp partition start got more slowly altogether. i’m beeing paranoid, if already use comodo personal firewall together wth superantispyware pro, spyware termnator and avast home edton? best regards.


CMF protects you against something nothing else can. Buffer overflows.

HOWEVER : if you have Safesurf (which is an option of CFP), you have no need anymore for CMF as it is the same …


hi buudy.
dd you mean the cfp safe mode? that’s it ? best regards.

No I meant SafeSurf. Safe mode is how Defense+ will handle the rules.

Safesurf is the same as CMF but then only for the webbrowsers. If you have none of them, it’s highly advise you install them :).


COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar bundled with 3.0.25