Is there a Comodo time server?

Does Comodo have a time server I can use from Adobe Acrobat similar to, i.e. RFC3161 or TSP?

All I have found is the authenticode server which I don’t believe uses the same protocol. (


At this time the time stamping server you mention is the only one we have.

Provision of a server to provide RFC3161 compliance is on a list of ‘things to do’, however there is no target timeframe for it to be completed.


Comodo does have RFC 3161 timestamping available now and it definitely works with the jarsigner from Java 6. I have verified this. I don’t know why Comodo hasn’t updated their web content yet. This has been a big thorn in our side. Thank you Comodo for adding this!!! The URL for RFC 3161 jar signing is:

Just add the URL after the -tsa option on jarsigner and you should see the .RSA file in the jar’s manifest folder grow by about 2KB!