Is there a command line tool in CAV?

Does CAV provide a command line tool that can be driven by ZipGenius or other programs? ???


If you look in the C:\PROGRAM FILE\COMODO\COMODO ANTIVIRUS folder,there is an exe called CAVSCONS. This is command line scanner.

Supported switches are

[file spec] - * and ? wildcards are supported
/D = Attempt disinfection
/R [filename] = Create report

Example : To scan all powerpoint files on drive D: and create a report called ppoint.txt on the C: drive, the command would be;

cavcons d: *.ppt /R=c:\ppoint.txt

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

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what about return code?


They’re not implemented in V2 but the development lead has told me that they will definitiely be implemented and documented in V3 (due for public beta shortly).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Looking forward to that. It would be a great enhancement


So this is the only way to call CAVS to scan a file from another program? It would seem like there would be a way to reproduce the Context Menu option “Scan With Comodo Antivirus”.

Hi braum, if you’re wondering whether there will be a “Scan with Comodo Antivirus” option in CAVS 3 when it comes out the answer is yes. When exactly that feature will be implemented I don’t think Melih is sure yet. He mentioned it may or may not be out in the first beta.


That wasn’t entirely what I was wondering. That’s in CAVS 2, so I would hope it’s in CAVS 3. What I was wondering if there was a way to get an external program to perform that exact same action. I have a download manager that I would like to scan my downloads upon completion. Using the command line option that is mentiond above is cumbersome, as I need to send the result to a report, that will then be overwritten by the next download, which I need to open to find out the results of the scan.

In Windows I can right click on a file and select “Scan with Comodo Antivirus” and it opens up Comodo and scans just that file. I would like to know if there is a way to have other programs call that same action.