Is the Virtual Kiosk a good Sandboxie alternative?

Sandboxie has a new owner and I do not know it if will be well maintained by them. Is the CIS Kiosk good. I tested it against a security checker once and the tool managed to change the real registry. Have issues like this one been fixed?

Nearly all vulnerabilities of that sort have not been fixed. If you find any new vulnerabilities please create a bug report for it.


This bug was reported months ago. If it still has not been fixed then I don’t think I will be using the Kiosk. The rest of CIS does work well though.

Which bug is this? Please post a link to it so I can investigate.


Here is the link:

Yes, that has not been fixed yet. I’m hoping it will be fixed with V7.

I hope so to. I wonder what new features V7 will have. The best thing would be a real behavior blocker instead of just a sandbox.

i have seen the latest version and it looks very powerful…it can be a replacement for Sandboxie imo.

with our users’s feedback and help, we can turn it into your “Virtual Desktop” literally!

Imagine…click a button…and you have a virtual desktop…click the button again, you go back to your real window…how powerful is that :wink:

I prefer simply sandboxing certain applications instead of having a whole virtual environment, makes it easier to use multiple applications seamlessly that are both in and outside the sandbox. But hey that’s just me.

we have that too :slight_smile:

True, but currently it limits Comodo Dragon (and all other browsers I’ve tried) to 30 FPS for me, making it extremely laggy on a 120Hz monitor and near unusable in my personal opinion. 88) I’d imagine most people doesn’t notice it though, but I’m cursed to detect even the slightest changes in frame rate. :frowning:

wait and see the new sandbox :slight_smile:

huge performance improvement!

Now you have me interested, just wondering, will it offer greater control and/or insight? Or perhaps you “can’t” answer that. :stuck_out_tongue: Just wondering since using the BB takes away the control you have with HIPS and the insight of what the application is trying to do, something I don’t like.

Perhaps we’re going a bit off-topic here, sorry. :embarassed:

This is a simple configuration issue guys. IF you simply add LocalSecurityAuthority.Shutdown to the protected COM interfaces list, programs wont be able to shutdown the computer. We included this by default, in proactive security configuraiton but not in Internet security. The reason is some installers will not install in sandbox if we apply these restrictions.

Glad to hear that the V7 Kiosk is improved. V6 is already pretty good. Keep up the good work Comodo. :-TU

The FV CIS 7 sandbox is much faster. I will start using it more. Great job Comodo. :slight_smile:

yes a huge difference…

our promise is always to improve security and performance with each big release!

Still locks Comodo Dragon framerate to 30 and makes it generally icky to use. :-\

That is strange, have tested sandbox and virtual desktop last night with CD and IE11, was getting over 30fps, played some games as well as browser tests, all had fps much higher then 30, not sure why your getting only 30 :-\

Well as you can see in the screenshot… If you can link a game that also displays the FPS then I could try that, either way whenever I use the browser in the sandbox it is extremely laggy compared to outside of the sandbox.

I’m using a smooth scroll extension for Chrome and with CD outside of the sandbox it scrolls perfectly smooth, with CD sandboxed it stutters/lags whenever I scroll and I can pretty much notice every frame and it’s not smooth at all.

I can’t capture the above on video sadly since when I record it both inside and outside of CD stutter.

Worth mentioning is that I have a 120Hz monitor and hence the difference is bigger than with a 60 Hz monitor.

Oh I’m also using CD 30.0 because CD 31.0 limits the FPS to 60…

So if it isn’t the sandbox that tries to ruin the experience it’s Chromium engine itself. Ugh…

Edit: I forgot to mention that this also happens in Google Chrome and Opera as well, haven’t tried FireFox.
Edit 2: I just did some testing and the game Killing Floor did not get limited when run in the Sandbox, it ran at around 500 FPS.
Edit 3: I just tried with Comodo IceDragon and it showed 120FPS in the sandbox.

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