is the patch to fix comodo v3 even coming out this week ?

(:NRD) ,

todays date is 11-29-2007

i thought you said the patch to fix comodo v3 was coming out this week ?,
if not ,no big deal,but please let us know,mine still has bugs in it,no sense listing in saying what they are ,every one else said it with there complaints.

Melih says they’re working on it. Be patient…;msg110855#msg110855

(:AGL) ,ok,cool.

one more question.

since this version has so many bugs in it ,should we un-install it before we install
the next new version(patch),or will it be safe and just install it on top of the other one ?.

we have solved all the major bugs. Working on some more minor ones still…

Not decided yet, but we might release a version to the affected people first to make sure the fixes work for them. then we can release.



I would wait for instructions that will be issued with the next update.

The Comodo programming and development team will likely try to configure the next bug-fix patch so that it can be applied over the existing installation. However, depending on the number of fixes it contains, it’s conceivable they may issue a completely new installation package. We’ll see.

In the meantime, if your current installation is not causing too many issues, I would leave it intact for now. You can always revert back to v2.4.18.184, which is a very stable release. But I believe it is just a matter of a few days before the first update to v3.0.13.268 is released.

P.S.: Thanks for the update, Melih.

thats a wonderful idea !,send it to those who have reported one or more problems,then release it ,cooool idea,saves the rest of us the head aches,i only reported two bugs,but they are small ones.

Will there be a list of the bugs that were fixed? The only problem I had was that it kept asking for my Dell Resource CD that supposedly contained a file called:


I just want to be sure this bug is fixed too.

oh ,for those who want to go back to version 2.4( the one version just before this one). thats if you cant wait for the patch/fix .

try this site,i go to it alot.

That’s the MSI Installer bug, which was reported by quite a few users (including me). Yes, I’m sure a list of fixes will be released with the next update.

it will be a new installation.

Just to re-iterate, we do really appreciate all the support and patience we are getting. I would like to emphasise that v3 is a Paradigm Shift. Its like what First Heart Transplant to human race is what v3 is in the computer Security. I do mean that! Its a new era and new techniques, new architecture! It protects the kernel well within! the A-VSMART ™ architecture is unique innovation! This has NOT been done before! This is NOT a me too product. So why am I saying this? Cos I must say, our dev team has done amazingly well to deliver what they have delivered so far! And they continue making it more stable every day!

Our promise to you: You will have world’s best Protection A-VSMART technology and it will be Rock Solid!!!

We wouldn’t have it any other way!!

thank you for your continued support guys! We really appreciate it.



when i installed the comodo V3 for the first time,i went to the real comodo site to update it anyway,

i just go to to see if the new updates has come out yet,only once in awhile i go to to download stuff.

What is the best way to install it and keep our current settings?

There should definitely be a comprehensive list of changes and fixes. Will there be?

While I’m quite interested in Comodo Firewall, not least because of the technology in v3, I haven’t actually seen any details about why this is incredibly different from say, Core Force 0.95 or Online Armor/Prevex or any firewall + Process Guard full for instance.

You’ve brought together several products technologies into one, and provided it for free, but it doesn’t really seem all that groundbreaking, especially compared against what Core Force was doing (just that you’ve really polished Comodo over what was done with Core Force).

However, I would be interested in seeing what’s actually new besides the bundling… (:NRD)