Is the new version out yet?

I checked the auto updater an it found no version avalible but I hear of people talking about it. Or is it just the R2 version? Also can I install it over the old one or do I have to do a reinstall and get a new activation key?

No, the new version is not out yet… :THNK

Currently it’s on Release Candidate 3 (RC3).

As always, Comodo is trying to make sure their product is what they want it to be, before releasing it. It seems that some “last-minute” changes in the Beta have produced unexpected/undesired results (or else they’re only just now being seen) and they’re trying to track those down.

I have not seen anything definitive yet (from Comodo) on whether the new version will install over the old, or if we will need to uninstall and do a new install. My thought is that given some of the changes, we will have to uninstall/install. At any rate, no, you should not need a new activation key/license; that is stored in a separate file on the computer and will still be good for the next version.


How does it auto update? I will be in college classes then go straight to work and won’t be home till 10 at some nights. What happens if it auto updates when I’m not at home?

Well, if it auto updates, then it’s probably all okay.

If it will require you to uninstall the old before installing the new, then I wouldn’t expect it to come on an auto-update, or else it will just download it and prompt you to take the necessary steps…


I hope it comes in while I’m at home.

You could do the following:

In the Application Monitor, Edit the rule for cpfupdate.exe (if it’s there), and set it to Block instead of Allow. OK. Reboot computer to make sure it sets the rule. If it’s not already there, Add a new rule for cpfupdate.exe, with Parent cpf.exe, and Block. OK. Reboot.

Then, when you come home, you can reverse your rule (change it to Allow) and manually run the udpater.


Given that we don’t know what date it will be released, when you leave your computer, change the Security Level to Block All. Just right-click the systray icon, select Adjust Security Level, and move it to Block All. Then nothing will happen while you’re away. When you return, move it back to Custom, and run the Updater just to see…


Of course change it to block all why didn’t I think of that. Thanks


Sometimes, two brains are better than one…

Another thing I’ve thought of, that I wanted to make sure you were aware of (sorry I didn’t mention before)…

I think you’re on a high-speed connection, right (dsl, cable, etc)? If you leave the computer for a long period with Block All set, you’ll probably lose your DNS lease from your router/modem, and thus, your connectivity.

When you change it back to Custom, you’ll need to “Repair” your network connection. Of course, if you’re reading this, you probably already know that… ;D

If you haven’t started using Block All yet, and aren’t sure how to “Repair” the network connection, let me know and I’ll be glad to explain (it’s easy to do).


How long is too long? Also how do I repair it?

How long? Not sure; may depend on your system/setup. I do that with mine; when I come back in the evening, I have to repair. Typically what happens is your router pings your computer to see if it’s active, on a regular interval. If it gets no response, it will drop the “lease” for the active setting of the IP address for your computer. This means the network is dropped; thus the “repair.”

For how to do it…

If you have a Network Connection icon in your systray, just right-click and select “Repair.”

If you don’t have the icon, here’s how to get it:

Go to Start/Control Panel/Network & Internet Connections/Network Connections (from here, you can right-click, and “Repair”, but the following is how to get it to your systray).

Right-click, select “Properties.” At the bottom of the next window there are two boxes. Check both - “Show icon” and “Notify me.” This will give you the systray icon, it looks like two computers. Now you can right-click that icon and select “Repair.”

That’s it, simple as can be… :wink:


PS: The new release has been pushed out to January 18th.

How can I tell if its broken? Also will a reconnect fix it?

You’ll know the connection isn’t active, because if you open your browser, it won’t be able to load the page. The “Repair” from right-click on the systray icon for the Network Connection will fix it. All it does is clear out the inactive connection information, and refresh everything.

The connection is still there; it’s not broken or disconnected (as if a cable was unplugged). It’s just not active. No traffic is able to move between your computer and router/modem. That’s all.

It’s not a bad thing at all. It’s just that by selecting “Block All” on the firewall, the connection remains inactive for so long (all day) that the router/computer kind of disables it until it’s refreshed. It’s kind of like refreshing your screen on a website to reload all the data. Same thing, basically.


I’ve left it blocked for about 8 hours and came home and it was able to go back online as soon as I unlocked my computer and set it to custom.


As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ;D


Error using updater:

It downloads much of the update but stops at Error 106 - Could not complete update.

Any ideas?

Busy server. Just peform a clean re-install by the official site. Worked for me. :slight_smile:

So uninstall and reinstall with the new version? Will my settings still be there?

Try disabling your antivirus on-access scanner. I am using CAVS and this worked for me. CPF update would not complete but after I disabled on-access scanning it worked smoothly. Excellent stuf!


Do a search on the forum for “backup script”. Rotty’s written one that will, providing you have turned off the registry protection and set the FW to ALLOW ALL, backup all settings to a .REG file. This .REG file can then be double clicked to be imported into the new installation of CFP (again turning off the registry protection and setting the FW to ALLOW ALL).

hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: