is the new internal update save?

i was using comodo CIS 10 and updated last week via the internal updater and since then encounter variuos bugs. is it safe to just use the new internal update to have those bugs fixed? or do i really have to make a clean install now? creating trust online… but how can i trust when i trusted last time and the update failed?

The new update restores the local trusted vendors list which becomes corrupted when updating from 8.x or older to the new v10 via the internal updater. However if you want to avoid any potential issues then perform a clean uninstall and then install using the standalone installer. Do note that if you perform a clean install and perform an update or get notified of an update it will still download the TVL fix even if your TVL is normal as the update is being offered to all users.

i am totally confused now…
i upgraded from an existing CIS version 10 only to the newest version from CIS 10. so with the newest update, i only get the fix for a bug which i don’t have? and i am totally unsecure about how to perform this clean install, as the instructionsite is confusing and outdated. for example the safe mode with networking i can’t access in my win 8.1 like it is described in the link. so i didn’t dare to do it for now. as i need a computer theese days, cannot risk to have even more isssues… i read of so many issues users had with reinstalling, installed features they didnt want, not able to re-install…
what would really help me would be a clear and understandable instruction what users are supposed to do that already had CIS 10 and did the last internal update. is the installation corrupted, when the internal updater hanged at 81%? how to get rid of the bugs (as described earlier by me and other users)? should we just perform the next internal update, which was released yesterday? like this we are left alone and that isn’t creating much trust… comodo loves me? i am not sure about that anymore. sorry. :frowning:

So what about Version, is it safe to install via internal updater? ???
i checked the release note, not a single bug we experience here is fixed… :frowning:
one gets very cautious with installing comodo updates after the udate disaster from last time.

no its not.

I try to update from my cis 8 actually - as I thought they get to manage a setup routine after several month - but since 15 minutes its stuck at cmdinstall.exe (45% overall, 81.5% on install step)
so nothing changed - update still bugged as hell - didnt expect anything else

UPDATE: while waiting for the frozen update (~2 hours) I checked the running tasks and found 2x cmdinstall.exe - one process with around 2mb - the other one with around 10mb.
The bigger one changed its size from time to time while the smaller one kept the 2mb - so I decided to kill the smaller one and voila - the update finished without error.

After reboot the widget with the new (really really ugly) white theme came up correctly. No further errors , no lost settings (except of the theme and the bad german translation which I changed to english)

Updated to 6223 and it went Ok for me internally even though I had bother with the previous update. Only issue I had was that the interface changed theme after the reboot to the default white theme. All settings were maintained and I have not noticed any issues. I did run a file rating scan and it find some files that I think I may have marked as trusted but they were only about 100 dot net files which may have updated since my last scan. I have not checked much farther on what has changed or been fixed only to report the unblock screen still seems a little bugged, ie, if you select all and click unblock, sometimes one or two applications remain on the list and you have to click unblock again. Desktop shortcut appears fixed. Other than that the update looks seamless and no immediate issues and I will be happy to see a few of these items fixed in future but for now they are not a deal breaker and I am very happy with the level protection with CIS.

for example? please provide links to bug reports

for example: the updater that gets stuck…
for example: the pufffed up file lists
for example: the reappearing desktop icon
for example: the widget not remembering its place
for example: the trusted filed that are again unknown
i read the release note, none of theese are fixed, so what?
this all is getting too complicated. i did write bugreports in the past but i dont have time for all this :frowning:

  1. issue is not always reproducible so its hard to fix.
  2. assuming resizing a column resizes all columns when you maximize and restore down the file list? Its being looked into.
  3. widget remembers its place after exiting the cistray and re-opening cis.
  4. can you provide an example?

actually it would be better to just create a video showing each of the issues you are having (except updater getting stuck).

i finally dared to do the update and it stucked at 83.6%…
but after some minutes it finished luckily. i restarted the computer to have that ugly theme, which i changed, and after changing the window user i had my favourite skin, but the update window was empty, so i had to make another system restart to have it working again.