Is the new cavs really competive AV and AS scanner or still growing up?

Hi Forum companions,
Is the new cavs really competive Antivirus/Antispyware/Antitrojan signatures in this field or still growing up in the researches? Has this software already submitted to the international official testers? Which ones? When Will It be scheduled for this task? May I feel secured and confident by using it? Shoud I really on AV/AS/AT resources? What about the updating? How much updating a day? Best regards.

Hey carioca,

This is up to what we didn’t really discuss before.
The HIPS+heuristic can PREVENT infection, so if you want one of the best tool to prevent an infection with a layer, it can be excellent choice. You may feel secured until this prevention can help you. Looking for a program which will clear your computer? Right now it’s definition database isn’t too big and maybe it won’t remove infection until you won’t submit the infected file and wait an x time for an update. This is not the best as a tool to RECOGNISE all malwares already on your PC.
CAVS and Once Care hadn’t had a chance to win the VB bulletin (if this is the lab you are speaking about).
Far as i know, there are daily updates.




Just to add a bit more about the updates. Currently, as Comodo are dramatically increasing the detection rate, there are updates around every few hours.


About detection rates, with the help of Kevin from BOClean eventually (:KWL)…

Yes, but also with the help of the “old” BOClean users. Among them there are some good malware researchers/file submitters, for example TonyKlein :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hi! Why is It so heavy AV scanner. Someone is this forum considers like a hoggy. I would appreciate It will become lighter. Best Regards.

Yes, it will be much lighter in the next versions… we are on it already… :slight_smile:


Now that is good news. The best I have heard today. :Beer


any hint on possible release date of new version…?



not yet i am afraid…