Is The Linux Version CAVL Dead?

Is the CAVL version dead? There is not much activity on the forum for it and a modified driver.tar file must be used to install it with varying degrees of success. It is time COMODO updated and continually supported CAVL.

Dear Comodo!

Please update CAVL! Redirfs is outdated. Ubuntu version is 14.10, Mint 17.1 etc… not 12.04 and 13! To linux platform need an enhanced firewall software, with HIPS.

Thank you for answers!

why on earth would linux need an advanced firewall with HIPS.The suggestion is absolutely ludicrous.

Same reason why a Windows or Mac. What about the CMS? Firewaaall for rooted devices. The web is not picky. It would be nice to use the same services as in win. (Like CIS premium :D)

Just because you can’t see a reason for something doesn’t make it useless or “ludicrous”. A laptop based web developer that travels around would need a decent firewall - their home/work LAN might be safe to share their Apache install on, but their 3G stick or hotel wifi would be a bad place. Modern firewalls all detect the location.
Add in that even if you try to keep your software up to date, there could be times where a bug hasn’t been patched, but an intrusion prevention system may detect a possible attack and block it.

Snort + Iptables + SELinux / AppArmor?

Hi bjtamas,
what distribution?! with ubuntu based, if only FW is the Problem do this:

sudo apt-get install ufw gufw

and enable here:

sudo ufw enable

Comodo i think don´t makes this really better. But viral- trojan- or malware-attacks are not only Win or Mac problems - though risks are actually very low with Linux.

And thats really not new - it´s till today only not worthwhile for hackers, cause to less people using linux-OS worldwide.
But there are several efforts in the past:



Its in german language, but just try to translate it with chromium or iron for linux and you´ll see.

Don´t feel too save on using linux OS. Again, nothing is save while u´re using the internet.


Thank you Tempograd!

My systems is Ubuntu-based (LM13&17.1). I know the GUFW, but this too simple. I solve the Comodo update/real-time prot. etc. problems permanently. Pay for a “green spider” logo.