Is the firewall component "Windows 7" friendly?

Weird I havent seen really any thread on CIS with Windows 7. So here it goes.
Can we use CIS with 7 ? I read it works fine you just need to install it in compatibility mode for Vista but then what?
since it is a major system component, should we go ahead with it? well 7 is really Vista 2.0: everything works fine so far with all existing software I use so … :slight_smile: it should be ok shouldnt it?

Please share your experience.

It should work okay. You can ask any questions here. :slight_smile:

As Windows 7 is only beta, COMODO doesn’t take any responsability for CIS not working correctly on this OS.
But it installs fine in compatibility mode and runs great on a test PC here.
As you said, Windows 7 is Vista 2.0 so there shoudn’t be any problems :slight_smile:

Sure I have seen this thread but I thought this one was about 7 in general not the CIS specific aspects hence my “new” thread :slight_smile:

I’m sure you would get an answer there though. I think “general” talk about W7 includes CIS. :slight_smile:

Ok heading over to