is the comodo firewall ok?

ive been reading about an issue that involves avast 7 and the comodo firewall.
Could anybody tell me if the firewall is still ok .
People were trying to say that there was a flaw in the comodo firewall and i dont really want to believe this at all.
Any confirmations please…?

Things you’ll hear:

  • It’s Comodo’s fault.
  • It’s Avast’s fault.

that is exactly what ive been hearing.
I like comodo and i wouldnt like to believe it has a defective firewall.
I visited the avast forum and a member of the avast team has stated that the comodo firewall has problems filtering web proxies which is what the avast web shield is apparently.
Im not very up on web shields and firewalls but the avast forum seem to believe there is a fault in the comodo firewall not handling web proxies.