Is Telegram Secure?


I want to ask which is the most private messenger application?

Telegram or Signal Messenger

About Telegram, there is a question:

I found out that Signal (Open Whisper System) is better maybe the best on its area. I saw them on reports and they are good.

Do you use one of them? or do you have any negative reports about them? Thanks

Telegram seems to be secure if you use secret chat.

Thank you JoWa, these links are informative :-TU

What do you think about Signal?

Signal gets full score, but it’s for Android and iOS only.

The only secure ones I have used are Cryptocat and RetroShare.

Signal released an early version of its Desktop. It is in beta stage. See: Signal >> Blog >> Signal Desktop

Thank you for your suggestions, I will check them :slight_smile:

Entered public beta 7 April: Signal >> Blog >> Signal Desktop beta now publicly available

BTW, Signal’s protocol is also used in WhatsApp: Signal >> Blog >> WhatsApp's Signal Protocol integration is now complete
But WhatsApp’s source code is closed (Signal’s is open).

By default, Signal must be the first choice :-TU
for now, Whatsapp is more secure then Telegram. Because by default, Whatsapp can encrypt communications (even in groups)
I deleted Telegram on my phone. :smiley:

Since WhatsApp is using the Signal protocol, is it possible to communicate between WhatsApp and Signal? Or is it only WhatsApp to WhatsApp and Signal to Signal and no cross-application communication? (A system that allowed cross-application encrypted communication would be amazing)

No. Only Whatsapp-Whatsapp and Signal-to-Signal communications are possible. Cross communication does not exist.
Whatsapp just uses the encryption method of Signal. Whatsapp messages are as encrypted as Signal messaged… Most beautiful thing is encryption is by default. Telegram is not my choice from now on.
But it is Whatsapp (under Facebook hands) so lets see what will happen. I just want to thank Whatsapp, it is very good that billions of people’s messages are encrypted :-TU

That would be cool, but IM is just a mess, without standardisation and compatibility between services. :frowning:

Anyhow, three posts about WhatsApp:

Imo it would be nice with a standardized open source P2P IM/VoIP protocol that uses encryption and would be application/platform agnostic (different applications using the protocol could communicate with each-other) Well… I guess we can’t have all we want. :-\

Edit: That is also widely used.

I never see such thing. The widely used things are not encrypted or they have very bad privacy policies…
The good apps always way behind about user number. :cry:

And now Viber: Giving Our Users Control Over Their Private Conversations 8)
Viber Security FAQ

Has anyone tried Viber 6.0 and seen a padlock in it?

I have tried Viber on two Android-phones, and Viber on Ubuntu, but I don’t see the padlock anywhere. :-\


We’re rolling this out globally over the next two weeks, and you’ll see a grey padlock to confirm you are secured.

Viber has begun rolling out encryption, and published an overview.

all depends of the meaning of “secure” for you.

Im using telegram and abandoned whatsapp… boy, and i like it… its fasters, uses less system resources, etc…

Announced today at Google I/O: Allo and Duo.

Privacy and security are important in messaging, so following in the footsteps of Chrome, we created Incognito mode in Allo. Chats in Incognito mode will have end-to-end encryption and discreet notifications, and we’ll continue to add new features to this mode.
Finally, we built Duo with privacy and security in mind and all calls on Duo are end-to-end encrypted.

Open Whisper Systems partners with Google on end-to-end encryption for Allo

Now the same encryption protocol is used in Signal, WhatsApp and Google’s new Allo. Will Hangouts get end-to-end encryption soon? 88)

Battle of the Secure Messaging Apps: How Signal Beats WhatsApp (The Intercept)

One more… :wink:
Facebook Messenger deploys Signal Protocol for end to end encryption