Is Spyware terminator still needed?

With Comodos new behaviour blocking and HIPS etc do I still need Spyware terminators protection against changes to homepage, BHOs, hosts file etc?

I would like to have a Comodo only solution, perhaps just keeping spywareblaster, mvps hosts file and ie-spyads (if necessary) and a few ondemand scanners. (R)

I would say it’s largely a matter of computer usage habits! If you are extremely careful you shouldn’t need much more than a firewall. I personally use CPF 2.4, CAVS 2.0 and CBAM 4.23. Also, Spybot S&D is loaded in IE. However, as CPF 3 arrives, I’ll probably only use CPF 3 and CBAM. Perhaps Spybot too, we’ll see. Bottom line, I think you are safe with Comodo Firewall, Comodo AntiVirus (or maybe AntiVir, or avast) and Comodo BOClean. But again, it depends on who you are and how you use your computer! Spyware Terminator won’t harm you, maybe it’ll even block something the others miss, but it will also take some resources as you know.

I agree with you: (R)

dun expect Comodo firewall v3 will use ur resources as it does wit current version.

HIPS almost a resource hunger AFAIK.

for a laptop user, im a speedie. ill choose solution which keeps me safe but uses resources reasonably.

If you’re specifically trying to create some known protection for browser-related things you might try SpywareBlaster (which is free); that’s what it’s designed to do… That way you won’t use the space or resources of an app like ST.


EDIT: As I just re-read your post, I see you already have SpywareBlaster. Obviously I didn’t look closely enough. :-[

our HIPS will cover pretty much all of the behavior blocking for you. It has an amazingly flexible architecture that allows you and us to add new rules too for extra protection if you wish.


thanks (V)

hey Melih,

but someone says da released version in this June stil is beta?

is dat tru?

i dun wanna push a kid into da battle but like u kno, we users all wait 4 it.

The beta of Comodo Firewall has always been released before the final. This allows users to beta test it to find bugs, etc.,5025.msg65714.html#msg65714

Back on topic: I personally have tried Spyware Terminator before and it’s not bad. However, you definitely won’t need it anymore because 2 HIPS = bad idea. Let CF 3’s HIPS take over :slight_smile:

That’s a matter of opinion Soya :wink: Personaly I don’t see how HIPS ever can be a security solution on a family computer :-\ I think there will be always a market for conventional AV and AS programs.

Greetz, Red.

Exactly, so I posted my opinion. Whether someone takes it to heart or not is up to them. Didn’t you read my new title yet? 8)

Don’t misunderstand me, basicly I agree with you :slight_smile: But in my opinion HIPS isn’t the solution for most people, simply because they don’t know how to use it :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

HIPS is one of the newer security solutions, so it’s true that most are not (as) familiar. However, Spyware Terminator users should already know that it has HIPS, so CF 3 will at least contain some similarities.

We will see :slight_smile: Personaly I will try CPF 3 with HIPS, and when I like it I will recommand it too :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

rednose, wen firewall came out, how many ppl tink its vital and adopt it immediately? now almost evri1 run to find a compatible firewall for em (i say almost coz i kno somebody stil tink its no need to haf a firewall )

the same thing is happening wit HIPS.

since comodo give it for free. Try to see how.

aladinonl, I hope you are right :slight_smile: Personaly I use HIPS and I will try/switch to CPF 3 HIPS :slight_smile: And I will try also to educate people about HIPS :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hi all, my first reply to the subject in hand, yes as Melih says between CPF, CAVS & Boclean, you
probably & most likely could forego usage of Spyware Terminator (which I have as well as all forementioned only) but if you really surf to surf get & install Sandboxie on top of all these to surf in a virtual enviroment & you’re safe forever & the best part is you can switch between a regular browsing session & a virtual one which in virtual mode will flush every malware created.

Have fun guys & girls (R)

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