Is source code available?

Is source code available? If I remembered right Comodo Dragon is based on Chromium :P0l

The BSD license of Chromium does not require derivative works to release source-code. However, should they do so, they would be held to the same license.

Additional terms could be added to require the release of source code, but Google did not do this. That would make it more of a stripped-down Copyleft license (like a simplified GPL) than a pure 3-Clause BSD license.

However, certain components of Chromium are released under other licenses. Particularly, LGPL, GPL, and MPL licenses require that source code be available for the applicable components.

Claiming to be based on Chromium without directly linking specifically to those applicable portions of the code which still exist in the modified “Dragon” version could be considered an intellectual properties infringement.

Google is not required by the BSD license to release source code. However, they do make it available via Linux repositories, and this link: [chrome] Index of / Don’t get me wrong, it was a little annoying to find the source for windows, but it’s available.

Google is required by these other licenses to release the source code of those components used, as is Comodo, should Comodo still use any these components released under *PL licenses.

Simply linking to or referencing the whole Google Chromium code is not enough; this would be tantamount to claiming that the Dragon product includes all of Chromium and nothing else. The specific, exact code used for these components in Dragon must be made available - whether they are exact copies, or works derived from the MPL/GPL/LGPL components in chromium.

That was a very informative post, thank you for sharing that. :slight_smile:

I just registered to the forum to ask just one and only simple thing:

Why Comodo Dragon browser source code is not available beside binary download?
I see that clearly Comodo Ice Dragon source is available, because it is required by the license.

But if Google itself was releasing Whole Chrome and all Linux distributions (and some versions for Windows claiming they do not thack users like Google Chrome is) have source code available and do not even think of NOT providin source code,
WHY would Comodo do such thing of providing “secure browser”
when not providing also source code, so everyone can look for themselves that their browser is open like Chrome, but more secure?

Anyway, I was reading the revies in local computer magazine about alternative browsers and had no information about source code release and I was shocked to see there is no information about this chromium port source code eather.
Please provide us with the source,
i am not programmer, but user, but I mostly refuse to use anything that claims it is “secure”,
while hiding source code…

You better explain this about source code on Chrome/ Comodo Dragon differences list page.
Chrome: fully Open source . Comodo Dragon: fully closed source?.

I was not aware that Chrome was open source. Chromium, yes. Chrome, no.

Google adds a few things to Chrome that Chromium doesn’t have.