Is something wrong with the new comodo release???

Both defense+ and firewall setting is set to safe. After installing a fresh copy of the latest comodo I noticed that when avast and malwarebytes had updated the firewall did not give me an alert. Why? Normally in the older version it would alert me when they wanted to connect to the net. Also when updating those two defense+ did not alert me on anything. In the past defense+ would usually give me a lot of alerts when I first update those two programs after a fresh install.

Is it that you guys at comodo have done something to make the alerts lessen or am I missing something?

Probably right. That’s what Comodo intends to do: including whitelisting more and more trusted programs so CIS has less to ask you. CIS also bothers you less with Defense+ in Safe Mode than in Clean PC Mode.

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Malwarebytes is now in the trusted vendors list so it will no longer produce alerts. It should have been in the list long ago. The post about Clean PC vs Safe mode is wrong though. You will get more alerts in Safe mode, not less.

Thanks for the heads-up, Dch48.

That depends… Clean PC you won’t get alerts from what you already have… But anything new added on the PC will pop an alert… Where as if in safe mode it may be allowed, if on the whitelist.

I don’t think that’s right either, In my experience, Clean PC mode also uses the whitelist and allows apps from vendors on it with no alerts. For example, I installed Auslogics programs in Clean PC Mode and never got an alert and the same was the case for CCleaner from Piriform.

oh that explains it then, thanks.