Is something malicious going on?

It started yesterday, the process dfrgntfs.exe keeps running by itself, and it always seems to run the second i get off, when it runs it attempts to modify my system files, I assume the changes were blocked because in my defense+logs there was lots of modification attempts by drfgntfs.exe, it was attempting to modify some important files…
Through a google search i have discovered dfrgntfs.exe is windows disk defragmentation service, but I am not trying to defrag anything.
The process is being called at random throughout the day, should I allow it to make these modifications or should i just keep letting defense+ intercede?
Here is a screenshot.

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dfrgntfs.exe is part of Windows. It’s indexing the files. AFAIK nothing malicious is happening.
If you want to disable it : go to the hard drive’s properties and untick the Indexing Services box.


Thanks for the reply, I figured it had something to do with the indexing service, thank you for the clarification! :-TU

Indexing Service? :frowning: It’s the NTFS defragger, and you can configure it by running dfrgui. It runs in the background automatically by default.

Yeah, but I heard that disabling the indexing service is 1 way to disable the autodefrag method in windows.
Is the problem still occuring ?
If so, try this :

  1. XP : open start → run → then type : regedit
    Vista : in the searcher type regedit
  2. Please navigate to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOptimizeFunction
    doubleclick “Enable” , there should be a “Y” now, please set it to “N”.

Please post back if it worked.


It wasn’t really a problem to begin with, I was just curios why this was happening.
I’m pretty sure it is part of indexing service because i allowed it to run and my computer is running great.
Thanks for all the help.

(Sorry for the late reply)

What does defragmentation have to do with file indexing? If you turn off indexing the defragger will still run when the computer is inactive, and if you turn off defrag scheduling the indexing service will still be on.