Is security software becoming a security risk?

i dont know about Comodo but take a look at this anyway i hope this will help us all anyway
i hyperlink to a actical that have wirte this anyway
and look at this as well this is a PDF file i hope Comodo will rebuild this or fix this as soon they can
Comodo rocks so long its free but have open sources? then can all linux users
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The Army that protects you will always be under attack!
Just like your immune system! It will be attacked!


Okey but i hope we will be better protected by Comodo then Norton 360 or NOD32

very much so!

The protection CFP offer today is simply unparalled! It has the perfect blend of ease of use and maximum protection, thanks to our Patent Pending Clean PC mode protection.


i got a question about Comodo AntiVirus Beta 2.0 when is the full version comming?
and who translate to swedish? (CWY) (R)