Is panda cloud malicious?

I put my computer in paranoid mode and I noticed I got some registry key alerts for changes from panda files to comodo directory files, is this harmful?

Hi Johnzbzb ,

That is not clear from your message (at least for me, I’m sorry for that) which Software flagged what. According to the title - most likely Comodo flagged Panda

It seems like in both possible cases / directions those are FPs

You have to submit the detections to the vendor that produced the flaggings if you are not sure
The submission procedure is pretty much similar for any vendor
If that’s Panda flagged some Comodo’s files/registry entries, then submit to Panda

If that is Comodo’s “fault” flagging Panda or irrespectively please read the following and submit to Comodo developers as described in

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no its very safe when your setup is in parinoid i think it may report everything
i dont know from experience so im probly wrong

You should not put it on paranoid mode. You should keep it on default.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but comodo alerted you of registry changes made by panda AND comodo? or changes made by panda to comodo’s directory files?

Either way, neither of the two are malicious. They were registry changes, a common behavior of malware. Since it has been set to paranoid mode, it will alert you of every behavior commonly exhibited by malicious files thereby causing these alerts. Again, I stress out, they’re not malicious. ;D

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NO!It’s a good antivirus!

Panda’s founders and executives are also known to be executives of the “church of scientology”.

I know that american and french behaviors are quite different in such a situation:
schematically, the american laws are favourable to whatever organization self-declared as a religion, allowing several “minor” religions to escape income tax, and that’s fine, … but also some groups to declare themselves as religions with the only goal of escaping tax.

In France, the “church of scientology” has been judged to be not a religion, but a sect, therefore implying it is definitely “malicious” (and also that whatever company whose executives are supposed to abide by its principles also probably is).

And you are a troll.

I think it would be best if we completely left the Church of Scientology off the forums. After all, we don’t want Tom Cruise coming down on us! :slight_smile:

If by troll… you mean someone that doesn’t speak enough English (no offence davidfrank1950) to troll… then maybe. :slight_smile:

davidfrank1950: Please stop these posts. Thank you. * Hãy dừng những bài viết. Cảm ơn bạn.

@kail, no, but the question was:

Whatever.I’m wrong.

I never said you were wrong (I really wouldn’t know personally)… I just said that I would prefer if we could keep a certain organisation’s name off these forums. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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If some one have activation code panda cloud PRO which no use.I apply for it!

This is not the place for this post. It is polluting this topic & asking for keys to other applications is not the sort of thing we do, or tolerate, here. No warez or cracks. All of this is against the forums rules. If you asking for any known Panda Pro promotions, then you need to either find a better place for your post or start a new topic.

Đây không phải là nơi dành cho bài đăng này. Đó là chủ đề gây ô nhiễm này và yêu cầu cho các phím để các ứng dụng khác không phải là loại điều chúng tôi làm, hoặc dung túng, ở đây. Không có warez hoặc vết nứt. Tất cả điều này là trái với nội quy diễn đàn. Nếu bạn yêu cầu cho bất kỳ Panda được biết đến chương trình khuyến mãi Pro, sau đó bạn cần phải hoặc tìm một nơi tốt hơn cho các bài viết của bạn hay bắt đầu một chủ đề mới.

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