is not currently Awaiting Authorization/Rejection

good afternoon

comfortable using the API error has left me:

-27 = Order ‘xxxxxxx’ is not currently Awaiting Authorization/Rejection

that get this error?


Hi softvel,

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I think this post ended up in the wrong board, can you please tell us which product your are using and API from?

My guess would be code-sign cert is that correct?

Sorry if I’m wrong section.

I am comfortable using the API as a reseller - and AutoReject v1.01.pdf AutoAuthorize, I have a reseller account and try as to approve a certificate, however I got the error:
-27 = Order ‘xxxxxxx’ is not Currently Awaiting Authorization / Rejection

that this MEANS?

On other occasions I have successfully passed, but at that time I could not do

texto original si hablan español

disculpa si me equivoque de seccion.

estoy usando el API de comodo como reseller - AutoAuthorize and AutoReject v1.01.pdf, tengo una cuenta como reseller y trate de aprobar un certificado , sin embargo me salio el error :
-27 = Order ‘xxxxxxx’ is not currently Awaiting Authorization/Rejection

que siginifica esto?

en otras ocasiones he podido aprobar exitosamente , pero en esa vez no pude hacerlo

Hi I moved your post here, I think we need to await an answer from staff.

Or you could file a Support Ticket on


submit a ticket to support comfortable, but I have no answer 1 day ago fall behind.

the ticker is DLU-640 375.

I hope to meet me urgently.