Is my Comodo on? Just used bank details.

I just realised my Comodo icon isn’t in my taskbar in the bottom corner. I tried to launch it, but nothing happens.

Notably, in Windows Task Manager’s process list, it has cistray.exe. It also has cmdagent.exe but it’s using a miniscule amount of memory. There’s no cfp.exe.

Also, I’m not getting a notification saying I have no firewall or antivirus up.

So is it up?

I just used my card details to pay for something. -_-

Usually when I have no icon, cfp.exe is running and if I click to launch Comodo it’ll come up.

Get Help → Support → Diagnostics and see what it says. Restart does not help with tray icon ?

Under Firewall settings set it to custom policy and alerts to very high and see.

See if this sets off your AV

Edit: The link is just a test string and not malware.

Yes it loads fine again usually if I restart the computer.

I couldn’t change the firewall settings; as I said, there was no icon in the tray and trying to launch it from desktop or start menu did nothing.

I’ve cancelled my bank card.